Wide Jet Air Flow

Improved vanes reduce the curved area and provide better air and temperature distribution.

Independent Vane Operation

It is possible to control each of the 4 vanes individually as the motors are connected separately to each vane.

Reduced Sound Level

BLDC motor delivers low indoor noise levels by using the high efficiency turbo fan.
Anti vibration design reduces resonance noise.

Reduced Vibration

Designed to reduce resonance and noise with a solid base fan.

High Ceiling Mode

High ceiling mode provides powerful cooling and heating up to 4.2m in height,
from ceiling to floor.

Prevent Ceiling Pollution

Coanda design of air outlet can prevent contamination of ceiling.

Convenient Panel Installation

The detachable corner design makes it easy to adjust the hanger during installation and to check for leakages in the drain connection pipe.

Auto Elevation Grille

Easy filter cleaning with elevation grill
- Installation inside main body
- Auto horizontal control
- 4 points support structure
- Memory for user’s level
- Max 4.5m length
- Model : PTEGM0